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Living my ways of what's best in a matter of fantasy and reality. Hoping to be free from all troubles and live the fullest without regrets. Keeping pace of every move I did. A mistake to not repeat, a luck to earn and receive; ways through life whether it's grave or not. Searching through answers to unattended questions, receiving ideas and comments to help improve and earn wisdom to pass to others. Anything else is just a matter of time. whether I have it or not depends the mood. Being lazy is one matter. Being tired is another. But at most, I like to take my time.

In the Month of November

Everything seem to go well so far~

I got a new 500gb external hdd and I was happy that I can continue with my hobbies because of the new space. *Happy*

I just need to try and plan my time more carefully since there are still a lot of things to do.

In this month also, There's an appointment with the docter on the 24th. I nearly forgot that I have that important appointment and I manage to set my schedule on that day.

These past few days, it's been rough on me trying to resist myself from eating. Plus, whenever I had the craving to eat something I wanted, it casually cam true. I don't believe it at first. But it's true. So, it's hard to say no as my weaknest for my craving of the day is served. Hahaha.

As I was saying I was trying to find more time in my daily life. The reason is to use the time for exercise. I had checked my weight everyday, and a sad story follows~ My weight is not going down. So I was hoping to try and fast and to drink plenty of water. Hopefully, by the time of the appointment. I will do ok.

Another thing I notice at myself, my hair is starting to grow long again. This makes me happy to see my long hair growing on me again. Haha. So I need to find more time to learn how to make them straight. :P

I also feel my eyes is getting out of focus and also my spectacles is getting out of date. I have been using my spectacles for more than 3-4 years plus and I think it's time for a new one. I need to get enough budget asap.

So far everything is progressing~ Slowly but it's still progressing. In time, my life will be made easy. I await for that day to come. ^^

My Break is Coming

In 4-5 days, my vacation break is coming. It'll last for one whole week. I really need it. My heads in a pain and it's killing me. I just hope this break will be well worth it. Now all I need is wait for the approval.

I'm on a verge of change~ well, halfway through anyway. My mind is set towards my future goals but my will right now... is well... in front of the computer. I'm always looking forward in what'll happen to me next. But, if I don't push myself somehow, my dreams will only remain as dreams. Maybe that explains why I have such a weird headache.

A new hard disk is coming in tomorrow. 500gb worth. I was hoping going for 1TB but my budget just won't cut it. I have to skip repairing my car for next month. There's just still a whole long list of things to buy... From the important until the least important. But priority takes first place. If demand is needed, that's where the back-up money comes in. Yup, once you run your own life, you got to think ahead and more ahead than you ever imagine. That's why I got myself to kept on going. It ain't over until it's over.

Yesterday, I signed up for Japanese class hoping to learn what I didn't know. Hopefully it'll be a good experience. But the time will take place at night. I don't know how long it's going to be. But my determination to learn is there.

I'm also waiting to find a better job in the government. But all I see, the government is looking for are qualifications higher than mine and qualifications lower than mine. I was so pissed that the governments are very picky people. Nothing about the qualifications in the middle. But I have my patience.

I don't know what's going to happen to me next year, but I'm striving to move on and on and on... Never giving up even if I was down... I'll keep on improving and improving. If I can't find people to help me... I'll just do it on my on.

Am I satisfied with my current now? Hell no... So, I better be better...

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